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We know that lifting the oil export ban would be good for jobs and the economy, helping to create strong and prosperous communities. We also know that lifting the ban will strengthen our geopolitical standing by giving our allies access to alternative energy sources so they aren’t reliant on countries that use their energy as a weapon.

But one big question remains. Why doesn’t the President treat America as well as he’s treating Iran? 

In the nuclear negotiations, the Administration actually agreed to lift Iran’s oil embargo, a key concession because everyone understands how much lifting the embargo would help Iran’s economy and prop up the Ayatollah. If the embargo is lifted, Iran will see more money flowing in and be able to exert more influence abroad.

But the President hasn’t been as kind to the American people. After Leader McCarthy announced that the House would vote to lift the ban on U.S. crude oil exports (which we will vote on this Friday), the White House almost immediately said that President Obama wouldn’t support the bill.

Leader McCarthy said it best in his speech at the Hay Initiative:

It defies belief that the president would allow the ban on Iranian oil exports to be lifted and also stand by as Russia blackmails an entire continent, all the while keeping in place the ban on the American export of crude oil. If Russia wants to use energy as a weapon against our friends and allies, let’s use our energy resources to set them free. Let’s sell American oil and gas wherever we find an ally in need.”

We need leaders that fight for American interests. However, it seems the President is more interested in helping Iran’s economy than our own.