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Lifting the oil export ban would grow our economy, improve our trade, and bolster our geopolitical standing. So why would President Obama want to keep the oil export ban on America while lifting the sanction on Iranian oil?

Currently, Iranian oil is under sanction because the world understands that if Iran sold more of their oil abroad it would be a boom for their economy and would increase their influence in the region and the world. In fact, the sanctions on Iranian oil have been so devastating that they helped to bring Iran to the negotiating table. Lifting the oil export ban was a key bargaining chip, and in negotiations the Obama Administration agreed to lift them.

But when it comes to America, President Obama is much less willing to negotiate. White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said today that the president doesn’t support legislation announced by Leader McCarthy to lift the oil export ban even though lifting the ban would improve our economy.

It makes absolutely no sense that the President would want to let Iran benefit from free energy trade while denying those same benefits to America.

If there was ever a time to lift the oil export ban, it’s now. This outdated policy from the 1970s was created in a time when people thought Peak Oil was just on the horizon and scarcity left Americans waiting in lines to get gasoline. Now, America is the world’s leading producer of gas and oil, which has lifted up our economy and helped us largely break free from our dependence on foreign oil.

But the benefits of American energy can extend beyond our borders. Our allies, especially in Europe, do not share our newfound energy independence. For example, Russia continues to use its energy as a weapon to keep Europe at bay and cow Ukraine into submission. American energy can relieve our allies’ dependence on energy from Russia, bringing them greater security and independence.

But keeping America’s oil export ban while opening world markets to Iranian oil would have the exact opposite effect. Instead of growing America’s economy, Iran’s would grow. Instead of relieving our allies’ dependence on oil from destabilizing countries, their dependence would increase. So the question is, when it comes to energy, why would this Administration want to help Iran and hinder the United States?