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Washington, D.C. — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a Republican leadership press conference today on the President’s veto threats of three bipartisan bills just this week.

McCarthy’s full remarks are below, or watch them online here

“As the Speaker said, this is actually a big week. We’re taking up three bills—three bipartisan bills: Keystone Pipeline, taking the version that came completely out of the Senate, charitable donations, and Small Business Tax Relief Act.

“Yesterday, Cathy and I and Jason Smith toured a nonprofit—DC Central Kitchen. It was created by an individual that happened to be a small business owner. He was a promoter, he watched individuals that were hungry and thought, ‘I could do something better about it.’ Started in 1989, he took the Inaugural for George Bush and thought that excess food could be used instead of being thrown away—and created the DC Central Kitchen.

“In doing so, he fed people. But he did more than just feed people. He created jobs and went beyond. We met an individual there by the name of Dawain. Dawain had served in prison for a number of decades, came out, went to culinary school.  He’s now been the manager there for eight years. He has a five-year-old daughter and he talks about her college fund and her future. That a simple individual anywhere in America decided to do something and create something better—that’s what our bill continues to enhance.

“Too many times in Washington they put these cliffs out and question whether you can continue and get the donations. We enhanced that to make it permanent, and we do it long before the sunset begins. Small business—everywhere you go, we know that’s the lifeblood of job creation.  The expensing is one of the greatest parts of where they look for investment.

“So three bipartisan bills—you’re going to see Republicans and Democrats vote for them. But you know what else they have in common? Three veto threats by this President.

“I don’t think the President should veto energy security throughout North America. I don’t think the President should veto charitable giving across the country. I do not think the President should veto small business growth.

“This is an opportunity with this new American Congress that the President can rethink what he’s prioritizing. Because in this Congress, we care about growing America’s economy, not Washington.”