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Washington D.C. – Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ Fox & Friends this morning to discuss President Trump’s decisive decision to remove a known and dedicated terrorist from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Leader McCarthy noted, Democrats in Washington remain steadfast on removing the President from office.

On the Death of Terrorist Qassem Soleimani:

“Today in the Gang of 8, we will have a briefing on [the Soleimani strike]. I happen to have been with the President down in Mar-a-Lago the night that this took place. The one thing I have a clear understanding of [is this]: this man had killed more than 600 Americans. This man had continued to rise throughout the region and create problems, not only for us but for the rest of the world. The world is safer today because this President took action…I don’t think it’s a place for [Democrats] to play politics.  

“…America should speak with one voice. Not only was this a clear message to Iran, but also to North Korea and any other bad players in the world: that if you attack an American, we will respond in the appropriate manner and we will find any individual that we need to who [does the same]. 

“Remember what the President’s actions were when they shot down the drone that was unmanned — [President Trump] did not attack or provoke, he gave them an opportunity to disarm. What did they do? They escalated. They attacked our embassy, they killed an American. That’s where he had the red line in the sand…”

Democrats Return to Capitol Hill Still Focused on Impeachment: 

“It just shows they have nothing on their agenda. [Speaker Nancy Pelosi] said she would change the agenda in 2020. No, we’re right back at impeachment one more time.

“I think she is realizing what a weak case she has…[Congressman] Al Green said they’d keep impeaching him. [House Democrats] picked their committee chairs over impeachment. Their new freshmen that gave them the Majority, on the day they were sworn in, said they were going to impeach him. If America wants to continue with just impeachment, keep them in the Majority. But if you want to focus on something different, change the course of history and change who has the power in Washington.”