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On Congressional Democrats’ Inaction:

“Well, the one thing we should say is if Joe Biden was president, we’d still be debating whether planes from China should be coming to America instead of discussing the six vaccines we have about ready to go through BARDA or the [almost] 600 therapeutics we have about to come online. That’s the fundamental difference…

“Every single time the pattern is [Speaker Pelosi] wants to stop any legislation from moving forward — to harm the economy to try to win an election. Instead of putting the American public first, she is [playing] politics. That is wrong and that is really the stumbling block.

“Her own number two, Steny Hoyer, has said many times this is not the red line, when you’re talking about unemployment insurance. But then, Nancy Pelosi says it is. She wants to make the threshold so high that you can’t get something done.

“That’s why I applaud the president. He won’t play that political game. He took action when Pelosi wanted to continue to stop it, so he made sure those people [were taken care of by] prioritizing their paychecks — instead of the pot that Nancy Pelosi wants to see in her legislation…

On Harris’ San Francisco Failures:

“I’ve watched [Kamala Harris] be a District Attorney in San Francisco. I’ve watched her be the Attorney General of California. I know what the results are.

“If you just look to San Francisco — sky-high taxes, sanctuary city, sidewalks people do not even want to walk in. Because of her policies, people are fleeing the city today and that could be the result eight years from now.”