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During remarks in Michigan yesterday, President Obama promised to present “fresh ideas to create jobs.”

President Obama Promises Fresh Ideas In Economic Growth Plan. “President Barack Obama distanced himself from a deeply divided U.S. Congress on Thursday, pledging to deliver fresh ideas to create jobs and slamming lawmakers for “bickering” that gets in the way of recovery.” (Laura MacInnis, “Obama Vows New Ideas To Boost Jobs, Slams Congress,” Reuters, 8/11/11)

Yet, the President’s “fresh ideas to create jobs” consist of more stimulus spending, paid for with tax increases – which sounds a lot like the Administration’s $787 billion stimulus that failed to produce jobs.

Yesterday: President Wants Stimulus “Investments” In Infrastructure, Education & Green Technology. “That’s how we can fund the research at the department of energy, that’s how we can fund the community college that trained folks to work here. That’s how we can fund the infrastructure and the technology that will help us win the future.” (President Obama, Remarks, 8/11/11)