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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a leadership press conference today on immigration reform, the House’s work to combat the opioid crisis, and the positive impact tax reform is having on the economy.

Remarks are below, or watch online here.

“This is a big week in Congress, we will tackle many issues. From combating opioids––more than 70 different bills debated, the farm bill, and of course exactly what we talked about with the President last night––our broken immigration system.

“I say ours because it’s not a Republican or Democrat problem, it’s an American problem. I want to be very clear, we do not support the separation of children and families being broken apart. That is why we worked on this bill––it doesn’t just solve that problem, but it solves border security and goes through every issue we have talked about when it comes to immigration. This is a bill that the President supports and it is a bill that could become law.

“Tomorrow night the question will be, do people want to play politics or do they want to put people before politics?

“As we move forward we are dealing with opioids. 174 people will die today because of addiction, that same number will happen tomorrow. This is breaking the fiber of our country. We have moved a number of bills and I believe these can become law as well.

“With the farm bill we know of its importance. Not just for having secure agriculture but also for putting more people into the workforce.

“Friday is a big day––there is a reason why when Representative Kevin Brady worked on this bill he titled it, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…. I think it was titled correctly. Americans have seen that they’ve kept more of their paychecks, and for the first time in a long time their wages are actually moving up…. In the last 49 years in America, unemployment has only been below four percent for seven months. Two of those seven months were April and May of this year. In less than six months this bill is working–the one millionth job has now been created. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has proven to be correct.


“Think about how we feel as a nation. Gallup’s right-track is at its highest point in 12 years. Can we use this as a catalyst to make sure we solve immigration as well? Or will one party sit on the sidelines–complain like they’ve done for decades and not step up and solve the problem? That is the question that will be answered tomorrow night.”