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Washington D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) sat down with Megyn Kelly on Monday to discuss a letter he sent on Sunday to ABC News President James Goldston. In the letter, Leader McCarthy requests responses to several questions regarding a leaked video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach claiming to have had evidence and a full story three years ago on alleged abuse by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from one of his many victims.

Highlights of the interview are below, or watch the full interview here.

“What I’m asking right now are questions. I’m not trying to get into [ABC News’] editorial requirements. But don’t they have a moral responsibility to notify the authorities? When I see a person who works at ABC say she had a story three years ago of a known pedophile, who’s already pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution, and somehow there’s been undue influence – I don’t know that there is – but it’s worth asking questions.

“How many more minors were [subject to] human trafficking because [ABC News] didn’t do this story? …I would want them to look at, and go back, and analyze – did we miss something here?

“…why did they work so hard to call another network to fire someone they thought leaked it? I wish they would look this hard to look at themselves.”