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While a respite from the longest California drought in over a century, this storm is merely a drop in the bucket to what Californians need in their communities, and to farm and feed our nation. As it was noted in this week’s Weekly Drought Brief:

Heavy rain and snow would have to fall throughout California very frequently from now until May to reach average annual rain and snowfall. Even with such precipitation, California would remain in drought conditions, due to low supplies from the two previous dry years.

It is critical that any water generated by this storm is captured for use by our parched communities and not wasted into the Pacific Ocean because of environmental regulations in the delta.

The House has passed legislation that ensures when it rains or snows (like it is today), water our communities contract and pay for is directed south so that we can use it and store it to prepare for future droughts.

Unfortunately, the Senate has yet to put California water legislation on the floor for a vote. With both Senators from the Golden State as committee chairs, getting Majority Leader Harry Reid to schedule a vote should be nothing more than parliamentary procedure. The Senate must take action on California water legislation as quickly as possible.