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Invest in America, Power the World
Rep. Carol Miller (WV-03)
Energy Innovation Summit 2021: Innovation

The United States is blessed with abundant natural resources, giving us the unique ability to power the world. If utilized and transported effectively, our ample supplies of coal, liquified natural gas (LNG), and oil can position the United States as a leader in international energy exportation while also playing a crucial role in reducing global emissions.

On top of being a net energy exporter, America has led the world in carbon emissions reduction. Over the past decade, we set a record for emissions reduction while still relying on key baseload energy resources. These unprecedented milestones are due to advancements in innovative technologies such as horizontal drilling, carbon capture, and improvements in methane abatement and flaring technologies.

Our energy meets the international high standards to which bad actors around the world are failing to adhere. China has increased emissions, and exported Russian natural gas has a life cycle GHG emissions over 40 percent higher than U.S. LNG exports.

Increasing American energy exports requires a two-fold approach. First, we must continue to cultivate energy-focused trade relationships with our allies and competitors, such as India, China, and Vietnam. I founded and now co-chair the bipartisan Congressional Energy Export Caucus with this mission in mind and have since taken many steps to promote American energy around the world.

For example, I recently facilitated a trade and investment Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State of West Virginia and Vietnam. Through this MOU we will increase exports of West Virginia coal, hardwoods, and manufacturing to Vietnam to help build and strengthen their growing economy.

However, America cannot effectively increase its energy exports and displace higher emitting resources from global competitors without making changes at home. It’s long overdue for Congress to invest in energy infrastructure so we can efficiently transport our resources and bridge the gap between our abundant energy stockpile and those overseas who can benefit from it.

Recent actions taken by the Biden Administration, such as killing the Keystone Pipeline, banning fracking on federal land, and enacting burdensome regulations, have left many hardworking Americans unemployed, and are counterintuitive to Democrats’ supposed goal to invest in “clean energy.” Taking away effective, safe modes of energy transportation such as the Keystone Pipeline will only make our current infrastructure system more ill equipped than it already is.

Investing in clean energy must include innovative and modern energy technologies such as carbon capture, efficient coal burning, and advanced battery storage manufacturing. These advancements will allow us to continue to rely on affordable and reliable baseload energy while significantly reducing the emissions profile. We must focus on innovation to reduce emissions, not banning American resources that create jobs and economic growth.

Further, Congress needs to come together to fund energy infrastructure to build up our pipelines, LNG export terminals, and deep-water and inland ports. Doing so will ensure America can store and transport energy effectively, safely, and ensure the global market has access to the cleanest energy options.  Restricting access to American energy will give a competitive advantage to Russia and other adversaries resulting in reduced American jobs, increased global emissions, and geopolitical instability.

America has the ability to keep the lights on and heat homes, schools, businesses, and hospitals around the world in an affordable and efficient manner. Let’s stop the destructive Executive Orders and radical policies and invest in modern technologies and increased energy infrastructure to ensure it happens.

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