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Critical Minerals are the Building Blocks of Modern Life
Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-04)
Energy Innovation Agenda: Clean Energy Infrastructure
Bill: H.R. 2637, The American Critical Mineral Independence Act


Rep. Gosar is sponsoring the American Critical Mineral Independence Act of 2021 with Representative Waltz. This dual-committee effort will make significant strides toward securing a domestic supply chain of critical minerals from the United States for the United States. Critical minerals are the building blocks of modern life, necessary for applications in defense systems, renewable technologies, healthcare and more, as Rep. Gosar can tell you. For years, our country has become increasingly dependent on China, Russia, and other nations to fulfill our demand for minerals. Our national security and our economic future depends on our ability of reversing the severe consequences of allowing this longstanding overreliance on China to go unchecked.

The American Critical Mineral Independence Act seeks to gain back control of our critical supply chains and ensure the U.S. isn’t reliant on foreign adversaries for such imperative supplies and resources.