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Rep. Herrell: Introducing the BIOCHAR Act
Rep. Yvette Herrell (NM-02)
Energy Innovation Agenda: Natural Solutions & Conservation
Bill: Biochar Innovations and Opportunities for Conservation, Health, and Advancements in Research (BIOCHAR)

Biochar is an emerging carbon sequestration tool with exciting potential to sequester carbon for hundreds of years. Utilizing biochar, which is produced by burning biomass in the absence of oxygen, also has a litany of other environmental benefits ranging from improved forest health and resiliency, agricultural productivity, environmental remediation, water quality improvement and retention, and improved soil health. The BIOCHAR Act of 2021 creates new demonstration projects for biochar to speed the commercialization of relevant technologies, as well as new applied research and development programs to test its applicability in a variety of sectors outside the energy field.

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