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Republicans Lead on Energy of the Future
Rep. Greg Pence (IN-06)
Energy Innovation Agenda: Clean Energy Infrastructure
Bill: The Clean Energy Hydrogen Innovation Act

Energy is at the center of our lives.

Energy keeps a roof over our head and the lights on. Energy fuels the transportation we take to work to make a living. Energy ensures we can have a doctor’s appointment from our living room and visit friends and family across the country.

Our modern approach to energy should be “all of the above” not an “everything but” solution.

In Indiana and across America, businesses are working to innovate in clean energy – but they need our support.

That’s why I introduced H.R. 1788, The Clean Energy Hydrogen Innovation Act, to expand the definition of hydrogen projects and advance innovation in clean and reliable hydrogen energy in Indiana and across the nation.

This legislation will spur innovation and expand hydrogen research projects for companies and energy producers in Indiana and throughout America. This kind of investment doesn’t just mean a cleaner environment for future generations, but also good paying jobs.

Cummins Inc. located in my hometown of Columbus, Indiana is just one example of how businesses, with the support of Republicans in Congress, can expand America’s energy capabilities.

As leaders in battery, fuel cell, and hydrogen-production technologies, Cummins is steering the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Cummins Inc. is a global power leader and a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell technologies – innovation that’s happening right in my backyard.

This progress is attributed to improved economic costs and a free market response to the growing demand for diverse energy production. I know that Republicans will continue to support this kind of growth that is beneficial to America’s future.

Congressman Pence gets a rundown on Cummins Fuel Cell Electric Power Systems.

My state is helping lead the way in working to grow America’s clean energy and hydrogen capabilities, and it’s something that’s possible for countless cities across the nation as Republicans lead the way on energy of the future.

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