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We Can Protect the Environment Without Delaying Critical Infrastructure Projects
Rep. Sam Graves (MO-06)
Energy Innovation Agenda: Clean Energy Infrastructure
Bill: H.R. 2515, The Building U.S. Infrastructure through Limited Delays & Efficient Reviews (BUILDER) Act 

The BUILDER Act modernizes the outdated National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to make infrastructure project reviews more efficient, reduce project costs, spur economic recovery, and rebuild America. An efficient NEPA process is important to moving many infrastructure projects forward while ensuring protections to our environment.  Unfortunately, this process has grown lengthy and burdensome. These reviews can drag out for years, and sometimes decades — all without actually providing any additional environmental benefits.  Plus, these project delays come at a cost – $3.7 trillion dollars in foregone economic gains.

Because the BUILDER Act provides for a more efficient, timely, and effective NEPA process, it will reduce costs associated with project delays and unnecessary litigation.

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