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We Must Protect Our Critical Mineral Supply Chain from China
Rep. Michael Waltz (FL-06)
Energy Innovation Agenda: Innovation
Bill: H.R. 2637, The American Critical Mineral Independence Act

In order to power the clean energy of the future, America must produce the critical minerals that make up our semiconductor chips, turbines, solar panels, batteries and other necessary components. Right now, the United States is import-reliant for 30 of the 35 minerals designated as critical by the Department of the Interior and relies completely on imports to meet demand for 13 of these minerals. Plus, over the past two decades, China has produced more than 80 percent of the world’s rare earth elements and processed chemicals and has had similar supply control over other critical minerals.

The American Critical Mineral Independence Act seeks to gain back control of our critical supply chains and ensure the U.S. isn’t reliant on foreign adversaries for such imperative supplies and resources.

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