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Nuclear Energy Must be at the Forefront of Any Climate Plan
Rep. Randy Weber (TX-14)
Energy Innovation Agenda: Innovation
Bill: The Nuclear Energy Innovations Capabilities Act

Nuclear energy is a clean, safe, and reliable energy source. In fact, as Rep. Weber says, it is the only carbon-free energy source available 24/7. Nuclear must be a significant part of America’s clean energy profile. To make that happen, we must prevent the premature shutdown of our current nuclear fleet and stay ahead of the technological curve in developing new advanced reactors.

One way to do this is with Rep. Weber’s Nuclear Energy Innovations Capabilities Act, which was signed into law in 2018 and authorizes key advanced nuclear research and development activities at the Department of Energy, including a plan for the establishment of the Versatile Test Reactor (VTR). Last Congress, to build on this success, Rep. Weber introduced the Nuclear Energy for the Future Act to make nuclear energy even safer, more efficient, and more affordable through the development of advanced technologies.

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