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Unsurprisingly, the media was wrong. Again.

While they were busy promoting the Democrats’ narrative that all members of the GOP look and think the same way, they missed the facts: that the Republican party was actually expanding under President Trump’s watch. 

Come January 2021, we will be welcoming a record number of Republican women to the halls of Congress. 

They will be bringing their experiences as veterans, small business owners, immigrants, and previously elected officials to the Republican Conference. They will be contributing invaluable perspective and ideas based on their long list of respective achievements – and that is why they were elected.

Unlike the Democrats, who are preoccupied with identity politics, Republicans were and continue to be focused on identifying the strongest voices and ideas possible – those that are laser-focused on keeping your family safe and your money in your pocket.

This philosophy –  that solid, original thinking qualifies you for a seat at the table in the GOP – will allow our party to continue to grow bigger, stronger, and smarter than ever before. And we’re just getting started.