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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a leadership press conference today on the strength of the economy and how Congress is working with the Trump Administration to better our nation’s fiscal health by cutting wasteful spending.

Excerpts are below, or watch online here.

On the strength of the U.S. economy:

“What a difference one year makes and what a difference a new administration makes. The American people today feel more secure and more prosperous. Let’s think just in one year, two million more people have jobs, unemployment is at 3.9%– we’ve not seen that in more than 18 years. If you’re an American moving onto college, no longer do you fear that you’re going to have to move back with your parents when you get out because you will enter into one of the strongest economies to look for a job in decades.

“In 48 out of 50 states your electrical bill has been lowered because of this tax bill…. I know Nancy Pelosi made sure no Democrat would vote for that prosperity and thought it was just crumbs, but think what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

On the Trump Administration’s rescissions package:

“We had Mick Mulvaney in today and we looked at the rescission package…which is looking at funding that has been sitting aside for more than one, two, and three years and cannot be used…. Why would you let it sit there and waste and not give it back to the American public?

“I want to read something from an op-ed that is in the Wall Street Journal today, ‘Trump’s rescission package specifically goes after spending that is no longer necessary and has been diverted from its original intent or has sat unused for years. The Energy Department’s loan program for advanced technology vehicle manufacturing hasn’t actually made a loan since 2011.’ That’s more than $4 billion that is sitting there. There is money from the stimulus that never got used that we can rescind. ‘By acting on the administration’s proposal, Congress can now rescind more than $4.3 billion that has been idle for seven years.’

“Rescissions is something government used all the time. Ronald Reagan did it 214 times, President Bill Clinton 111 times…. It was just a few weeks ago, Steny Hoyer said he would not oppose rescinding ‘money laying in an account that has not been spent for one, two, or three years.’ He even called it a ‘reasonable thing to do’…Nancy Pelosi calls this proposal ‘a raw deal’ and labels Republicans as ‘hypocrites’ even though she just voted for the similar rescissions to CHIP just a few months ago.

“Let’s do what the American taxpayers want…. Let’s get our house in order. Let’s make government more accountable, more efficient, and more effective. And that’s what we continue to do.”

On the House’s work to combat human trafficking and the opioid epidemic:

“More than 100,000 people in America fall prey to trafficking and 70% of this happens on the internet…. We’ve been able to pass a bill that has shut down Backpage and even part of the Craigslist…. Look at what we’re doing when it comes to the opioid crisis. More than 60 bills were marked up in subcommittee and they’re doing more inside Energy and Commerce. Unfortunately, the Democrats continue to fight that, but we will keep our promise and we will work to solve this addiction. We’ll pass this bill even if we have to do it again by ourselves because this is too important of a crisis in America to let these type of things go on.”