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Last week, House Republicans stood united on the Capitol steps to announce their Commitment to America; an agenda that will Restore our way of life, Rebuild the greatest economy in history, and Renew the American Dream.

Each week we will go in depth on one of the commitment verticals to share stories that have inspired us and further detail how we intend to deliver results for the American people. This week will focus on our plan to RESTORE OUR WAY OF LIFE.

First, we’re honored to hear from Toni Gonzales: a wife, mom, and proud third-generation American. Toni’s strong faith and unwavering values drive her commitment to her family, community, and country every day. Below is an excerpt, and here is her story.

“My family’s history is full of strong women who struggled to survive through many uncertain and restless times in our history. When asked how I think our nation can overcome and restore our current unrest, I’d have to say we need to look back at our country’s history and how it was done in the past. My own family history has set an amazing example of compassion and empathy for me to follow and pay forward.

“….My husband, like me, had come from the same humble beginnings. His background, like mine, was filled with struggle, yet strong faith, to see them through. He was also taught the best life is a life in service of others. It didn’t matter what color or creed your neighbors or friends were; as long as they shared a value system that helped move us forward in a positive direction, they deserved a chance. It was those character values that led my husband to want to be in law enforcement. He has devoted his life in law enforcement to try to share these ideals with those he found in the back seat of his patrol car. He has often tried to minister to them to get them back on track.”

Read the rest of Toni’s story here.


I. Defeat the Virus and Keep America Healthy

To restore our way of life, we must first effectively fight and defeat Covid-19 . Furthermore, we must redouble our commitment to keep Americans healthy.

We are working hand-in-hand with the Trump Administration and the private sector through Operation Warp Speed to develop a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine faster than ever before. Our Doc Caucus led by Representatives Phil Roe, Brad Wenstrup, Andy Harris, and Larry Bucshon, explain the vaccine development strategy:

Also, check out their recent op-ed: “Coronavirus vaccine — we’ll get one and here’s why we trust the science.” Highlights include:

  • Typically, vaccine development takes 10-15 years. Under Operation Warp Speed, the goal is to shorten that to 12-18 months and, remarkably, researchers are actually ahead of this already accelerated schedule — the fastest vaccine development ever.
  • Already, three vaccine candidates have begun Phase 3 clinical trials – the final phase of testing.

In addition to helping deliver a safe and effective vaccine, we will triple rapid COVID testing, invest in affordable therapeutics and cures, and modernize our medical stockpile so we will never be reliant on China again.

IIKeep Our Communities and Neighborhoods Safe

We will help keep them safe in their communities.

For months, we’ve watched cities like PortlandSeattle, and Minneapolis explode with violent protests and riots, often targeting innocent people and businesses. At the same time, cities across the country have experienced higher levels of crime and violence:

This must stop. The majority of Americans want police in their communities. Even Minneapolis’s City Council, who just two months ago moved to remove the police department, has expressed alarm as they’ve watched their city’s descent into chaos. 

Since riots broke out in May, we’ve seen over $1 billion in riot-related damage. But it doesn’t stop there; violent criminals, emboldened by the anarchy, have begun targeting our men and women in uniform.

While Republicans have been calling out this lawlessness for months, Speaker Pelosi consistently gave these criminals a pass, saying “people will do what they do.”

Republicans emphatically reject this dangerous push to defund the police; instead we will invest in our police. We are pledging to increase funding for law enforcement by $1.75 billion that will help with:

  • Enhance police training
  • Incorporate community policing
  • Equipment — including 500,000 additional body cameras
  • All while continuing to rebuild our military, support our troops, secure our border, and enforce our immigration laws

III. Protect Our Freedoms

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the bedrock freedoms we enjoy as Americans. It is our commitment to uphold them. Democrats and their allies are chipping them away.

Republicans will always fight to protect the freedoms laid out in our Constitution. In contrast to our Democrat colleagues, we are taking the challenges before this country seriously. We will not abandon the American people, but match their dedication.