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Telling a child she has to go to a failing school because her home happens to be in the wrong place just doesn’t cut it. Public school bureaucracy and political equivocations don’t matter to her. What matters is that she could have the opportunity to go to a quality, safe school that teaches her how to succeed, and no misguided public policies should stop her from having that opportunity.

During National School Choice Week, we recognize that every student deserves the chance to succeed at school. That is why the House made education a top priority last year, passing legislation to expand school choice in our nation’s capital and restore local control over education nationwide. Improving education starts with getting rid of the policies that preserve the old and broken system we have to make way for a new education system that puts the benefit of the students above all else.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit charter schools and see the amazing work these students can do when given the chance.



For students to have the opportunity to succeed, we need an education system that puts faith in students, their families, and their teachers. First and foremost, that means giving parents the choice to send their kids to the best school possible without government getting in the way.

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