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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box today to discuss the Schumer Shutdown.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch online here.

On how we still don’t know what Senate Democrats want in the Schumer shutdown:

“In the House we passed a continuing resolution. We didn’t want to play any politics. We funded the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Unfortunately, the Democrats didn’t want to do that. And we funded the government for the next month so we could solve this DACA issue. We’ve been meeting on a bicameral, bipartisan basis in my office every single day since the meeting down at the White House. We were making good progress. Unfortunately, on the Senate side they shut down, but they can’t tell us what they shut down over, so it’s very difficult to figure out how to get out of this.”

On how all parts of the House Republican Conference voted to keep government funded:

“You can play politics on both sides, it’s easy to do. I’d rather put the people before politics and solve this problem. So if you’re serious about that, why are you afraid to have the government open where you can go back to the table and solve whatever problem you want? Look, we have passed on this side of the House all the appropriations bills. We have passed the supplemental funding for those in California with the fires and the mudslides, in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands. That’s all being held up by Chuck Schumer. Children’s Health Insurance is held up by Chuck Schumer.”

On how any immigration solution needs to fix the root of the problem:

“When we were sitting in the White House in a bicameral, bipartisan way, we narrowed it to four topics to solve the DACA issue. Because what’s most important here is you don’t want to be back here in another two years dealing with the problem again. Let’s solve it once and for all.”

On how immigration negotiations were going well before the shutdown:

“We had been in my office just the day before the shutdown. It was Senator Durbin, it was Steny Hoyer, the minority whip, it was the White House chief of staff, it was myself, it was Senator Cornyn, and it was the secretary of homeland security. And you know what they all said leaving that meeting? That this is the most progress we had made. But the next day they shut it down. if they want to get back to the table, open the government back up. Let’s get back to the progress we were making. Let’s solve this problem for the American public and let’s stop having these temper tantrums and putting the American public in jeopardy.”