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Sen. Chuck Schumer must have missed the memo from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who today acknowledged that Democrats were ready to accept “the lessons from yesterday’s vote.” Instead of calling for compromise, Sen. Schumer made the inexplicable claim that yesterday’s vote results “strengthened” Democrats’ hand in spending talks.

Sen. Chuck Schumer Claimed Yesterday’s Senate Votes “Strengthened” Democrats’ Hand In Budget Talks. “The Senate’s number-three Democrat Chuck Schumer went a step further, claiming that the votes ‘strengthened our hand’ because it demonstrated that the House-passed spending bill – that would cut $57 billion over the next six months – was ‘dead on arrival’ in the Senate. Now the Democrats would like to see a new offer from the GOP.” (Matthew Jaffe, “Budget Wars: Both Parties Claim Victory In Wake Of Senate Votes That Changed Absolutely Nothing,” ABC News’ “The Note” Blog, 3/10/11)