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Senate Democrats have moved beyond threats and are now taking action to force a government shutdown. To kickoff their filibuster summer, Senate Democrats blocked the annual defense spending bill today.

And this is a bill with bipartisan support. As Politico notes, Democrats

“blockaded the bill even though many Democrats supported the legislation in committee and touted its benefits for their home states.” 

So why are the Democrats blocking a pay raise for our troops and the funding necessary to keep America safe? They’re doing it so that they can raise taxes and increase spending on big government.

Senate Democrats are playing games with our troops and threatening American national security just so they can spend even more hard-earned taxpayer dollars and add even more to the debt.

The House has already passed six of the 12 appropriations bills, and we will consider the seventh next week. Senate Democrats need to stop their tantrum, end their obstruction, and start working, because the House won’t play irresponsible political games with national security.