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Have you ever participated in a group project where one of the members just doesn’t do any work? It makes it hard to get anything done.

We’re facing that same problem in Congress right now. The House has passed nearly 300 bills, many of which are bipartisan, that are sitting in the Senate. That includes 40 jobs bills to scale back regulations, help small businesses, and strengthen our economy as well as 7 of the 12 appropriations bills we need to fund our government. But the Senate hasn’t passed a single appropriations bill and Leader Reid has ignored the hundreds of other House bills brought to his desk.

The President likes to say that Congress isn’t working, and we agree. When the House is doing all the work and the Senate is sitting on its hands, it’s hard to get any work done. That’s why President Obama should give Harry Reid a call and tell him to stop waiting and get the Senate moving again.