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This weekend, Senate Democrats advanced the first strictly-partisan coronavirus relief bill by a vote of 50-49. Not one Republican in either chamber of Congress voted in favor of this package, which President Biden bragged was the “most progressive bill” ever to pass the Senate in over a decade.

This $1.9 trillion bill is indeed progressive. It includes billions of dollars of spending unrelated to the defeating the virus, including:

  • $350 billion blue-state bail out

  • $30 billion in transit grants, most of which is aimed at blue cities

  • $50 million in funding for EPA environmental justice grants

  • Taxpayer-funded health care subsidies for illegal immigrants

All this liberal spending while $1 trillion remains unspent from prior relief packages.

Predictably, the mainstream media cheered the passage of this progressive wish list with the Washington Post claiming Democrats’ bill “showers money on Americans”.

It is important to note that even money related to the pandemic, such as education funding, is largely designed to be spent after 2021 — while American children suffer the dangerous consequences of prolonged school closures.