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Today the is the 800th day since Democrats last passed a budget – quite the milestone. Last week Senate Leader Harry Reid announced that the Senate would forego their July 4th recess in order for he and his colleagues to focus on debt reduction and job creation.

Leader Reid Cancels Recess To Cut Deficit & Create Jobs. “There’s still so much to do to put Americans back to work, to cut our deficit and [get] our economy back to work,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “It is really important that we do this. That moment is too important, the obstacle is too steep and the time too short to waste even a moment.” (Alexander Bolton, “Senate Cancels July 4 Recess,” The Hill, 6/30/11)

This morning unemployment rose to 9.2%. And the Senate, in their extra week in Washington, still have not produced a single bill that would help grow our economy, create jobs or tackle our debt. Instead they’ve chosen to punt yet again.