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Moments ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to shut down the government rather than consider a bill that would fund our troops for the remainder of the year and keep government operating.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid On House Bill To Fund The Troops And Avoid A Government Shutdown: “It’s A Nonstarter.” REID: “Now, speaking of distractions, the House is now going to pass a short-term stopgap. It’s a nonstarter over here, Mr. President. Doing that is a sure way to close the government.” (Sen. Harry Reid, Remarks On The U.S. Senate Floor, Washington, D.C., 4/7/11)

NOTE: The House GOP Bill Will Avoid A Government Shutdown And Fund The Pentagon Budget For The Remainder Of The Fiscal Year. “Republicans battling with President Barack Obama over budget cuts plan to hold a House vote Thursday on one-week legislation to avoid a government shutdown … Thursday’s GOP measure would combine a full-year Pentagon budget with a big slice of cuts to domestic programs as the price to keep the government running. Democrats and the White House oppose the idea, preferring to focus on the broader legislation and not forfeit leverage.” (Andrew Taylor, “GOP Prepares 1-Week Extension As Shutdown Looms,” The Associated Press, 4/7/11)