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As Republicans in the House have been doing now for years, we will again be passing another jobs bill this week making permanent the bonus depreciation tax extender, which supports small business owners who invest in their own companies. But no matter how much the House does, Washington is only effective when the Senate and White House put in an honest day’s work. They refuse to do so.

The House passed several energy bills two weeks ago to move us closer to North American energy production, create jobs, and lower energy costs. In fact, a recent report from the Energy and Commerce Committee details their bipartisan work to promote a strong economy and create a more efficient and effective government for the 21st Century.

The SKILLS Act has sat on Majority Leader Reid’s desk for over a year now—that’s right, over a year—while millions of Americans were searching for work. This week, Congress will finally pass the conference report on the SKILLS Act.

And after this week, the House will be halfway through the appropriations process and will continue with more appropriations bills through the rest of July. The Senate has not completed a single appropriations bill to date.

It’s gotten so bad that even Senate Democrats are openly complaining that Harry Reid is a roadblock holding up the Senate.

The House is now ready for a busy month of July to put forward more productive and real solutions for the American people. So, if you want to know what the hold up is here in Washington, look no further than the Senate Majority Leader.