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There is nothing more important for government than to defend its citizens. That is the primary reason why government exists, and it is the first responsibility of elected representatives here in America.

That’s what makes Senate Minority Leader Reid’s recent comments so astounding. When asked whether Senate Democrats will cooperate on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—a bill that provides the necessary resources for our national defense and security operations—Senator Reid said, “I think it really is kind of a waste of time.

A waste of time? A bill that funds troop readiness is a waste of time? A bill that supports our military operations against ISIL in Iraq and Syria is a waste of time? A bill that ensures our military has the most advanced weaponry at the lowest cost to defend our homeland is a waste of time?

The only person wasting time is Senator Reid and the Democrats who seem to think blocking a bipartisan bill is a higher priority than supporting national defense.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had this to say about Senator Reid’s comments:

“The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is essential to providing the resources our men and women in uniform need to defend and protect the American people. By tradition, this legislation has been passed with bipartisan support, reflecting our mutual commitment to national security.  But apparently Senator Reid has decided this year that doing his job is a waste of time. If Senator Reid really believes that, I suggest that he change his priorities and think about the reasons why the people sent us all here.”

The House already passed NDAA in May by a bipartisan vote of 269 to 151. As so many Democrats in the House did, Senate Democrats should work with Republicans to make sure our country is safe. Nothing is more worth their time.