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During Halloween, there’s a lot to be afraid of. Ghosts and ghouls lurk at every corner. Demons and devils wait in the darkness, and nothing is safe. The dead rise from their graves!

But scariest of all are the terrors and horrors that don’t end on Halloween night. These are none other than the harmful and scary policies from the Obama Administration!

A full list of scary laws and executive enactments would be too frightening even for Halloween. But here is a list of six of the scariest policies:

  1. Releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay that could return to the fight in Syria, Iraq, and beyond
  2. Promising that people can keep their health plan and pay lower premiums, then signing Obamacare, which forced plan cancellations and increases premiums
  3. Trying to force employers with religious objections and even nuns to pay for abortifacient insurance that violates their religious principles
  4. Attempting to impose stringent, harmful, and unnecessary EPA regulations while the economy is still struggling
  5. Threatening to grant legal status to potentially millions of illegal immigrants without the consent of Congress
  6. Failing to adequately stand up to Russia and ISIL as they invade other countries and destabilize the world order

When it comes to all of these issues, the House is fighting for the American people to find real solutions that preserve American security and freedom, increase our strength, and enable our prosperity. So have a happy Halloween with the assurance that Republicans are working to make these policies nothing more than ghosts.