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It is expected that the President will use the State of the Union tomorrow night to make a strong defense of Obamacare. What the President probably won’t mention is the astounding number of defections he and House Democratic leadership have faced in this Congress on Obamacare related votes.

The 113th Congress has voted around dozen times to delay, defund and repeal all or parts of the law directly responsible for policy cancelations, rising premiums and deductibles or the loss of one’s doctors. On these votes, House Democrats joined with House Republicans a dozen times, supplying 256 votes against the President and their leadership team. The last 3 votes all occurred after the official October 1st date when Americans could begin signing up for Obamacare plans. Not coincidentally, the number of Democratic yes votes has increased significantly – 39, 67, and 33 votes since the October 1st. An average of almost 47 votes. This upward trend is a reflection of an ever increasing sense of queasiness among House Democrats with respect to Obamacare. Just something to keep in mind…

What has already been done regarding Obamacare?

Eight Obamacare provisions have been repealed / have had funding rescinded and signed into law:

o    Repealed onerous 1099 tax reporting requirement imposed on small businesses

o    Reduced improper Exchange subsidy overpayments

o    Repealed Free-Choice Vouchers

o    Reduced funding for the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP)

o    Reduced funding for the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) rationing board,

o    Reduced funding for the Prevention and Public Health “slush” Fund (PPHF)

o    Reduced a Medicaid formula drafting error included in the “Louisiana Purchase”

o    Repealed the CLASS Act Program

To date, the House of Representatives has voted 14 times in the 113th Congress and 35 times in the 112th Congress to repeal, defund, or dismantle the law.

Floor Action
Votes in the 113th Congress

1.   May 16, 2013 – House repealed Obamacare in its entirety as a stand-alone bill. (H.R. 45) 2 Dem Yeas

2.   July 17, 2013 – House delayed the implementation of the Obamacare employer mandate for one-year. (H.R. 2667) 35 Dem Yeas

3.   July 17, 2013 – House delayed the implementation of the Obamacare individual mandate for one-year. (H.R.2668) 22 Dem Yeas

4.   August 2, 2013 – House prevented the IRS from implementing or enforcing any portion of Obamacare. (H.R.2009) 4 Dem Yeas

5.  September 12, 2013 – House prevented fraudulent Obamacare subsidy claims by requiring accurate verification systems to be in place before subsidies are dispersed. (H.R. 2775) 5 Dem Yeas

6.   September 20, 2013 – House fully defunded Obamacare through prohibiting discretionary and mandatory spending and rescinding all unobligated balances as part of the short-term FY2014 continuing appropriations bill. (H.J.Res. 59) 2 Dem Yeas

7.  September 29, 2013 –House permanently repealed the onerous job killing 2.3% excise tax on medical devices as part of the short-term FY2014 continuing appropriations bill (Amendment #1 to H.J.Res 59) 17 Dem Yeas

8.  September 29, 2013 – House delayed all of Obamacare for one year as part of the short-term FY2014 continuing appropriations bill (Amendment #2 to H.J.Res 59) 2 Dem Yeas

9.   September 30, 2013 – House delayed the individual mandate for one year and required the President, Vice President, and Cabinet Secretaries to join Members of Congress and their staff in purchasing coverage through Exchanges without access to employer provided subsidy as part of the short-term FY2014 continuing appropriations bill (Amendment to H.J.Res 59) 9 Dem Yeas

10.   November15, 2013 – House allowed American’s to keep their 2013 plan without being penalized under the Obamacare individual mandate (H.R. 3350) 39 Dem Yeas

11.   January 10, 2014 –House required notification of individuals of breaches of personally identifiable information through Obamacare Exchanges (H.R. 3811) 67 Dem Yeas

12.   January 16, 2014 – House required transparency in the operation and status of Obamacare’s health exchanges through weekly reports on key metrics to decision makers in Congress and the states (H.R. 3362) 33 Dem Yeas