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“This is endangering the Constitution to ensure [Speaker] Pelosi has more power.

“Our Constitution [and] our country expect us to convene, for 231 years that’s what Congress has done. From the Yellow Fever in the 1700s to the Civil War, the burning of the [Capitol] in the 1800s, [to] the Spanish Flu and 9/11, we still convened…

“You can not read the Constitution without clearly seeing that our Founders believed we should meet together… there is no way to read the constitution any other way.

“The only reason Democrats are doing this [is because] it empowers Pelosi to even be stronger. Watch what she was able to do a couple weeks ago — pass [a] $3 trillion [bill] without ever going through a committee…

“Congress can make any rule, but they can not go against the Constitution… that’s why what they are doing has not been done in 231 years.”