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“Thank you to Ranking Member Chabot and Jaime Herrera Beutler for their work in fighting for our small businesses.

“When we [saw] COVID coming from a foreign land, we needed to prepare. We needed to make sure that small businesses had a bridge to be able to survive…

“[The Paycheck Protection Program has] already saved 51 million jobs.

“[Representative] Steve Chabot continued to work with small businesses throughout this nation so we can modify [PPP]. With his work and [Representative] Chip Roy’s we were able to do that.

“But now we know that these small businesses [are in jeopardy]. Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses report says 36 percent of small business owners will be forced to lay off employees or cut wages if Congress does not act by the end of September.

“We have one common denominator every time we try to bring relief to the American public. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi always slows it down. Just getting the CARES Act through, she slowed it more than a week…

“When we watched how successful the Paycheck Protection Program was [but] it was going to run out of money, the Secretary of the Treasury came a month in advance to ask for more money… not to change the program, but just supply more so that more jobs could be saved.

“We all know where we were that moment [when we watched Speaker Pelosi] on late night television in front of her refrigerator telling the world ‘no.’

“There’s no telling how many more Americans were laid off because of her actions.

“Now we watch as she picks politics over people once again… We know those who are unemployed need help, we know small businesses… need help, we know schools need the assistance with protections, but then again there’s one common denominator: Speaker Pelosi.”