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Washington D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following statement after offering a privileged resolution on the House floor to put every House Democrat on record on where they stand on Speaker Pelosi’s unilateral impeachment:

“Without a full House vote on a resolution to begin a formal impeachment inquiry, we are left with little foundation for why this House would choose to take the first steps to impeach the sitting President of the United States duly elected and voted for in 2016. Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided – in an unprecedented and unilateral way – that the House would move forward with a formal impeachment inquiry before any transcript was made available and before any whistleblower report was made available.  In her view, an impeachment inquiry is justified without evidence.

“My Republican colleagues and I in the House disagree. We believe, given the gravity of the constitutional power of impeachment, that this should be handled as it historically has and is common practice in the House. That’s why I offered two resolutions this week disapproving of the Speaker’s decision to speak for the entire nation. Two opportunities for House members to make clear that the evidence demonstrates that there is nothing that rises to the threshold of impeachment.  Two opportunities for House members – should they disagree – to take responsibility, vote on whether the House should move forward with a formal impeachment inquiry, and if in the affirmative, voice to their respective constituents why they believe the House should take these extraordinary steps. Both times, every House Democrat chose to stand with the Speaker and skirt their duties as an elected Representative. I hope their constituents back home make them answer for that over this two week recess.”