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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning to discuss more good news for American workers because of tax reform signed into law last year.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch online here.

On the breaking news of Walmart employee bonuses and pay raises:

“Now, remember what Nancy Pelosi said. She said it was going to be ‘Armageddon’ if this tax bill passes. Now you have more than a million people that have received more than a billion dollars just in bonuses. And just think, starting next month and in March, people are going to be taking more home in their paychecks because the withholding tables are coming out. But what’s even more interesting that no one talked about prior—we know the weather freeze going on and the rising energy costs—energy company after energy company is lowering their rates because of the tax benefit. They are passing that savings on to their customers. So you’re seeing from the minimum wage going up, from maternity leave being longer, to now even some of your bills being less because of this tax bill. This really is the start of America’s comeback.”

On how Republicans have delivered for the American people:

“Would you want to have Nancy Pelosi as your speaker again? You would never have gotten these bonuses. You never would have gotten the minimum wage increase or even your electrical bills being lowered. So, I feel very good about the prospects come November because in ten months, people are taking home more money, are seeing economic growth. Remember the growth you had under Barack Obama and what you have today. It’s fundamentally different. Remember your 401(k). I was talking to an individual the other night. They’re not in the same philosophy politically as I am, but they said, ‘You know what, I’ve got to give you credit. I looked at my retirement. I’m doing really well.’ So that raises up everybody in America to be a little stronger.”

On how America needs border security—and that’s not controversial:

“You have to have security otherwise you’re right back with this problem again. But what’s so ironic about all of this, just a few years back you had a few senators in there with Hillary, with Biden, and others, they all voted for funding to put the wall along the border. So this is not new. It’s not something they haven’t voted for before.”

On how Nancy Pelosi is blocking a pay raise for our troops to play political games on DACA:

“The only question about a shutdown doesn’t come to Republicans, that goes to Nancy Pelosi. And what she’s really trying to do the last two times, the only reason we’re stuck in a continuing resolution is we’re trying to get a budget agreement so we can fund our military. She’s holding the military hostage for political gain in regards to DACA that isn’t going into effect until March. And what she has done is she has gone to her conference and made them vote ‘no.’ You can watch it on the floor. She wanted America to shut down right before Christmas, which, remember what we’ve done here, we’ve given the largest pay raise to our military women and men in the last eight years, and she tries to hold that back. That’s the worst part about all of this. She’s playing games, and that has got to stop. I thought the President was fantastic this week when he brought both sides together, both Houses together, and he let the American people watch it and said, ‘Let’s solve this problem.’”