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The House will use the Congressional Review Act to overturn the Social Security Administration NICS rule, which would increase scrutiny on disabled Americans if they attempt to purchase firearms. This rule targets individuals who have a designated payee for their social security benefits, a circumstance that is as irrelevant to the Second Amendment as it sounds. Being disabled and needing help managing finances certainly shouldn’t limit a person’s Second Amendment rights.

This rule would elevate the Social Security Administration to the position of an illegitimate arbiter of the Second Amendment. The Social Security Administration should focus on providing people with their benefits, not depriving people of their rights.

The Effect

This rule would increase scrutiny on up to 4.2 million law-abiding Americans trying to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Social Security Administration’s Second Amendment Restrictions

Ultimately, we can’t accept any rule that discriminates against people with disabilities.

Who it Hurts

The VA is already using this standard, and veterans are losing their rights as a result. Former Marine Steven Overman suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and a brain injury after his Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb in 2007. Back home, he took up target shooting as a hobby to calm down and relax. But because of his injury, his wife manages his financial affairs—and the VA stepped in. Steven Overman eventually had to give his guns to his mother and hired a lawyer to try and get them back. Restricting someone like Steven Olman’s Second Amendment rights solely based on the fact that his wife manages his finances is a grave injustice.

Why We’re Doing This

The bureaucracy is a threat to our

·    Economy

·    Constitution

·    and People

The House has already passed legislation to change the structure in Washington so the federal bureaucracy is subject to the people and so we stop getting the same bad results year after year. Now, we’re targeting specific harmful regulations and stripping them off the books.