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State Health Care Recommendations

As Obamacare continues to saddle patients with less choice, higher costs, and mountains of mandates, it is clear that major health care reforms must be made to strengthen and improve health care for all Americans.

Over the next few months, Congress will begin debating and implementing needed legislation. Lawmakers, Governors, and state insurance commissioners have a tremendous opportunity to achieve our shared goal of enacting health care reforms that lower costs, improve quality, empower states and individuals, and bring our health care system into the 21st Century.

Governors and state insurance commissioners play an integral role in the health system and will be invaluable partners as we tackle these important changes together. In fact, we expect that health care officials in your state have already begun deliberative and thorough discussions on what local and unique priorities must be achieved in your upcoming legislative session.

Working together, we are hopeful that our joint efforts can help your state make fiscally sustainable reforms and give all patients a fair shot at quality, affordable health care.
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