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It’s been nearly two weeks since House Republicans sent the Senate a long-term spending measure that rolled back spending and began to tackle the nation’s out-of-control deficits. But Senate Democrats still appear in no rush to unveil their own plans with Democrats now claiming that they have no intention of releasing their plans to House Republicans or the American public.

Senate Democrats Have Still Not “Made Public Any Specifics On Their Ideas For Cuts.” “’Contending with sharp internal splits about how far to go in cutting spending and a reluctance to show their hand, Senate Democrats have not made public any specifics on their ideas for cuts, frustrating Republicans who see themselves as making hard, substantive proposals with no corresponding effort in the Senate.” (Carl Hulse, “Obama Signs Two-Week Budget Extension,” The New York Times, 3/2/11)

Senate Democrats Have Claimed They Will Not Release Their Own Spending Plan, But Will Channel It Through The White House. “Senate Democrats, who have yet to produce a spending bill this year, said they were working on some cuts and would submit their ideas to the White House, which would then produce an offer they would give to House Republicans.” (Stephen Dinan, “With Government Shutdown Averted, Parties Debate Next Move,” The Washington Times, 3/2/11)