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Last year, Republicans and Democrats came together in a bipartisan fashion to deliver five timely and targeted support packages for the American people.

Despite pledges of “unity” in his inaugural address, President Biden is only working with Democrats to push a $2 trillion stimulus package. In the House, Committees are at work this week jamming through this partisan bill.

Here’s a quick rundown of last night’s Democrats’ reconciliation markup in the Ed & Labor Committee.

 Liberal wish-list policies included:

  • Killing American Jobs: National wage mandate to $15 an hour.
  • Kickbacks To Foreign Countries & Elite Institutions:
    • $200 million to the Institute of Library Services, which just recently sent grant money to these entities:
    • Removal of safeguards and allow tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to go to colleges with multi-billion dollar endowments (e.g. Harvard and their $40+ billion endowment).
  • Siding With Teachers Unions Against Reopening Schools:
    • Billions of dollars for K-12 schools with NO requirements for in-person learning.

Commonsense GOP-led proposals REJECTED by Democrats:

  • Putting Americans’ Health Care Needs First By Preventing Government-Funded Health Care For Illegal Immigrants.
    • An amendment to prevent COBRA subsidies provided in the bill from flowing to individuals present in the United States illegally. Blocked by Democrats with a party-line vote of 21-27.
      • Click HERE or the image below to see Rep. Russ Fulcher’s remarks in support of his amendment.

  • Getting Our Kids Back To School: 
    • FOUR amendments that would require that schools reopen for in-person learning to receive federal relief funds. Blocked by Democrats with party-line votes of 21-27, and another one at 21-26.
  • Curtailing China’s Influence:
    • An amendment to prohibit higher education relief funds from flowing to Colleges and Universities that have partnerships with entities owned or controlled by China. Blocked by Democrats with a party-line vote of 20-27.
  • Protecting The Hyde Amendment: 
    • The An amendment to include Hyde protections, which would ensure no taxpayer funds can be used for abortions. Blocked by Democrats with a party-line vote of 21-27.

Leader McCarthy released the following statement regarding Democrats’ misguided priorities:

“The policies debated at an Education and Labor Congressional committee should at the minimum help protect American jobs, and enhance the education of our students. But last night’s Democrat-led committee mark-up on the $1.9 trillion so-called relief bill pushed through a federally-mandated minimum wage hike predicted to destroy more than a million jobs, and gave no assurances to parents and children that their schools will actually reopen. Democrats even unanimously objected to a commonsense proposal that would have helped prevent Chinese Communist Party propaganda from infiltrating our campuses. Republicans will work with anyone to get the American people back to work, kids back in school, and the vaccine to those who want it, but these policy distractions will only make America weaker and bring our recovery to a halt.”

Look-ahead snapshot in today’s committee markups:

Ways and Means (Day 1):

  • Democrats have no plans to prevent unemployment coverage fraud.
  • Democrats are not focusing on those who need aid.
    • Expansion of Obamacare until 2022 and places no income limit on those receiving Obamacare subsidies.

Financial Services Committee (Day 1):

  • Dems’ policies are not timely and targeted.
    • Assistance is not targeted to get to those who need it quickly, instead it stretches out years into the future despite immediate needs.
  • Democrats’ bill fails to prevent waste or fraud in housing programs. 
    • Instead their bill funds long-standing liberal preferred programs that won’t help those who need it now.

Transportation & Infrastructure Committee:

  • Democrats are specifically ignoring rural America, while spending massive amounts of money in urban areas to reward their political allies.
    • $30 Billion for transit; $10 billion above President Biden’s proposal; with $26 billion (87%) going to urban area transit funding.
    • $6.492 billion for large airports, 60% of which is going to the top 20 airports in the country. Rural general aviation airports are getting only $100 million (1.5%).
  • Democrats are spending more money for programs that have not even spent previous assistance.
    • $1.5 Billion for Amtrak; Amtrak has not spent any of the $1 billion provided in the most recently passed package.

Agriculture Committee:

  • Democrats want to spend money on areas that do not have a need:
    • In the Agriculture space, we’ve only obligated or spent 60% of the money passed by Congress — now is not the time to be spending more.
    • In SNAP/Nutrition, they’re adding $6 billion in expanded programs — despite 40% of unobligated, unspent money from prior COVID-related emergency bills remaining in government coffers.

Small Business Committee:

  • Democrats are using this reconciliation process to reward their political allies
    • Provisions for Democrats to reward labor unions by making them eligible for Paycheck Protection Program funds.
      • Up to $10 million of taxpayer dollars per union.
  • Democrats are using their time to give assistance to country clubs and fraternities. 
    • Provisions include frivolous waste, including making country clubs and fraternities eligible to receive Paycheck Protection Program funds.