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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), Ranking Members Mike Bost (IL-12), Michael McCaul (TX-10), Mike Rogers (AL-03), and veterans serving in the House Republican Conference held a press conference today after Democrats blocked a vote to demand a plan from the Biden Administration to bring stranded Americans home from Afghanistan. “What is the plan to bring Americans home safely?” asked McCarthy. “Not some, but every single American.”

“For the Democrats who behind closed doors want to hold this administration accountable: we’re going to give you that opportunity,” stated McCarthy. “Now is the time for leadership in Congress, and we will lead.”

Highlights of remarks below, or you may watch watch online here.

Ranking Member Mike Bost (IL-12)“What is one of the things we never ever do? We never leave our Americans behind.”

Ranking Member Michael McCaul (TX-10)“This president ignored the advice of his own top generals and his own intelligence community and went with his own politicos in the White House– this a political decision pure and simple.”

Ranking Member Mike Rogers (AL-03)“This disaster that we just experienced is solely the responsibility of Joe Biden.”

Rep. Mike Gallagher (WI-08)“Today, we had another chance to come together as Democrats and Republicans. We tried to introduce new legislation today to save our citizens that President Biden left behind in Afghanistan… and yet, when I asked unanimous consent to do that on the House floor a few minutes ago, I was gaveled down.”

Rep. Brian Mast (FL-18)“That’s exactly the way they’re out there conducting their foreign policy– without looking into the ramifications and repercussions of what’s going to happen with the political decisions that they’re making.”

Rep. Mark Green (TN-07)“It matters who leads this country; we need leadership.”

Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03): “This administration still has no idea how many Americans they have left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX-02)“Behind closed doors, Democrats have asked for the same thing: accountability of what is there and accountability of who is there.”

Rep. Mike Waltz (FL-06)“We do not let terrorists dictate the time, place and the method in which we get our people out.”