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This is the second post in a series on strong a principled foreign policy. Please click here for the first post.

Success in foreign policy, just like domestic policy, must be governed by sound, unshakable principles.  Without a clearly stated framework for action, our enemies will be emboldened by our uncertainty and our allies paralyzed by indecision.

In Leader McCarty’s address to the Hay Initiative, he outlined the three principles that should govern American foreign policies.

Principle 1: The world is safer when America leads 

Leader McCarthy said,

“The absence of leadership over the past six years has had horrific consequences all across the globe, and it is getting worse day by day….When it comes to dictators, tyrants, and terrorists, strength and the threat of force is the only language they understand. We have lost the respect of allies and adversaries alike. We have isolated Israel while emboldening nations like Iran. We let North Korea threaten South Korea, Russia encroach on Ukraine, and now China is asserting a greater sphere of influence. Wherever we look, the world is less safe and less secure because America is less engaged. The America we need and deserve is strong, respected, appreciated, and feared.”

Principle 2: Strength and resolve bring peace and security

Leader McCarthy said,

“Our enemies—be they rogue nations or terrorist groups—see us talk about red lines not to be crossed then defiantly challenge us by crossing them. Sadly, all too often, America makes bold claims followed by a weak response or no response at all. And as a result, our enemies get stronger, and America gets weaker…. The Reagan doctrine worked because the Soviets knew there was not an inch of soil we would concede to the spread of communism or a dollar we wouldn’t spend to spread freedom. Peace comes through strength. Not through retreat.”

Principle 3: Start standing with our friends again and start challenging our adversaries

Leader McCarthy said,

“We should support those who support freedom and stability and oppose those who would enslave their own people. We can inspire billions of people across the globe that one day, by standing with America, they too can live in a free, peaceful society.”