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Consumers who signed up for health care plans under Obamacare are at risk of losing their coverage if they’re unable to resubmit their citizenship status in the next week, according to a recent USA Today article.

But is still full of glitches that the hundreds of thousands who must verify their information by September 5th may not be able to do so in time. Those consumers who signed up are unable to even access their account due to security threats and password changes. In the off chance that log-in is successful, many consumers still find that they can’t even upload documents.

Outdated federal databases for the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration also contribute to the problem. Records show mismatched Social Security numbers and names, which makes the verification process almost impossible.

Almost a year after the rollout, is still broken. In order to prevent fraud, we must have proper verification. It’s impossible to do that if website doesn’t even work. This is just the latest example why this fall Congress will work to ensure as many people as possible have an exit ramp from Obamacare.