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McCarthy, Banks: The Biden Administration Must Stop its Assault on Women’s Sports

Throughout the roundtable and the press conference on Title IX, House Republicans vowed to push back against the Biden administration’s activist overreach.

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The House GOP Conference Welcomes Rep. Mayra Flores to Congress

It’s an honor to have Mayra in our Republican conference. Together, we can deliver a better future for our country.

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Connie Conway Comes to Congress

Rep. Connie Conway will be a stalwart defender against the radical policies pushed by House Democrats and President Biden’s administration.

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McCarthy: House Democrats Must Step Up and Protect the Justices of the Supreme Court

By passing this bill, we are sending a clear message to left wing radicals: you cannot intimidate Supreme Court justices.

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House GOP: The Select Committee is Illegitimate

Speaker Pelosi’s Select Committee is the most political and least legitimate committee in American history.