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Leader McCarthy on the Federal Government Reopening

“Now is the time to put people before politics and solve this problem.”

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Leader McCarthy Talks Government Shutdown Negotiations On Fox News

“People are going to go into their second week of not getting their paycheck. But what Speaker Pelosi just did – was give the members of Congress a three-day weekend.”

Press Releases border border security Immigration

Leader McCarthy on President Trump’s Immigration Proposal

“Each component has bipartisan support and presents a historic opportunity to solve a persistent problem.”

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Socialism Is Expensive. Security Isn’t.

You’ve watched the news. You’ve seen the headlines. Washington is gridlocked and parts of the government are shut down. Over what?
Border security.
The President and Republicans want to make…

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Three Reasons Democrats Should Get Serious

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have made their political point, but every day that Democrats refuse to come to the table and negotiate is a day that our Southern border remains vulnerable and parts…