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No, Speaker Pelosi, We Are Not on a ‘Good Path’ at the Border

Leader McCarthy spoke at a press conference today about the crisis caused by President Biden’s reckless border security policies, and Democrats’ attempt to expand the Supreme Court.

Press Releases border security

Leader McCarthy Statement on White House Plan to Initiate Cash Transfer Program in Central America

“The solution is at the ready, and it absolutely does not include more U.S. taxpayer-funded payments to Central America.”

Press Releases border security

McCarthy Requests Meeting With FBI, CIA Directors Over National Security Threat at the Border

With terrorists being apprehended at our southern border, Biden’s Border Crisis is now a national security crisis.

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What has President Joe Biden been hiding?

What’s happening at the border is a humanitarian crisis.

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Questions President Biden Should Answer

After 65 days of avoiding answering for his Administration’s failed policies, today President Biden owes the American people a path forward.