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Press Releases california Federalism

Leader McCarthy Supports Local Control of Land

Local control is not only better policy; it respects the American people who can get along just fine without a distant government controlling all the details of their lives.

Press Releases california

Stop the CA High-Speed Rail Boondoggle Now

This train is a money-pit publicity project that we cannot afford.

Press Releases california Water

Leader McCarthy, California Delegation Send Letter on Flows During Current Storms

With storms blanketing the northern regions of our state, regulators have the authority to increase pumping to the dry central and southern regions of California.

california Water

It’s Official: California is Getting Water

This water deal has been years in the making and was achieved by an unwavering commitment to our communities and state.

Press Releases california Water

It’s Time to Get California Some Water

This legislation will help increase the delivery of water to the Central Valley and southern California in the immediate term and streamline water infrastructure projects for water supply security in…