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Press Releases Constitutionalism

The House Announces Plan to Restore Constitutionalism

This is about restoring a government where the people are the ultimate source of power, not unknown and unelected employees of the executive branch.

Press Releases Constitutionalism Obamacare

A Victory for Constitutionalism

Congress must continually reassert its authority and defend a proper separation of powers in order to protect the basic liberties of the American people from an Executive branch that continues to…

Press Releases Constitutionalism Immigration

The House Votes Against the President’s Immigration Action

With this vote, we make clear that the President’s infringement on Congress’s constitutional powers is an affront to self-rule and undermines the liberty of the American people.

News Constitutionalism Immigration

Leader McCarthy in National Review: Congress Stands Athwart Obama’s Imperial Presidency

With our vote, the House will make it clear that we think the President’s executive action on immigration directly infringes on Congress’s Article I powers and undermines our representative…

Press Releases Constitutionalism Regulatory Reform

House Breaks Up Regulatory Inside Game

With these bills, we can start restoring a proper separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government.