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The Toll of China’s Covid Coverup on U.S. Businesses

Because of China’s Covid coverup, countless businesses closed and tens of thousands of Americans lost their livelihoods. Republicans have a plan to hold them accountable.

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Leader McCarthy, House Republicans Hold China Accountability Press Conference

Leader McCarthy was joined by top House Republicans to unveil their roadmap to hold China accountable for their coverup of COVID-19 and deliver transparency and justice to the American public.

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America Is Attacked, Biden Rewards Our Adversaries

President Biden’s decision to revoke the ban on companies beholden to China continues his track record of strengthening our adversaries at our expense.

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The Chinese Communist Party Can’t Cover Up the Truth

The CCP has a track record of trying to cover up their abuses and atrocities, their deception following the COVID outbreak is just one of the latest.

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House Republicans Introduce Bill to Prevent Rampant Unemployment Fraud

Congress must act now to reign in fraud and protect hardworking taxpayers.