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We Must Address the Crisis at the Border

“This is not a political issue anymore,” said McCarthy, “It’s becoming a national security concern.”

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The Quiet Part Out Loud: House Democrats Admit Their Relief Bill Is Really Just A Liberal Wishlist

Democrats sought bipartisanship and got it — just not the way they intended.

The only bipartisan vote in the House or the Senate was against the $1.9 trillion bill that spends just 9% on COVID…

Press Releases coronavirus jobs and the economy

McCarthy Floor Speech on Pelosi’s Payoff to Progressives

Leader McCarthy exposes Democrats’ wasteful spending on the House Floor:

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The “Most Progressive Bill” in History

Republicans identified the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill as costly, corrupt, and liberal. Now, even the Biden White House agrees; this bill is liberal — very liberal.

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Senate Democrats Push Partisan $1.9 Trillion Package

This weekend, Senate Democrats advanced the first strictly-partisan coronavirus relief bill by a vote of 50-49. Not one Republican in either chamber of Congress voted in favor of this package, which…