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President Biden’s Biggest Failure So Far

President Biden has failed American families by siding with teachers unions over children.

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Why haven’t all California students been afforded the same access to an in-person education?

It’s no secret – the pandemic has been incredibly difficult for our school-aged children. Kids are falling behind while also struggling with increased anxiety and depression despite…

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Questions President Biden Should Answer

After 65 days of avoiding answering for his Administration’s failed policies, today President Biden owes the American people a path forward.

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Dems block Rep. Hinson’s Reopen Schools Act for the 4th time

House Democrats have blocked for the fourth time consideration of Rep. Ashley Hinson’s (IA-1) legislation, the Reopen Schools Act

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Our Children’s Mental Health Must Be a National Priority

It’s past time to reopen schools. Today, on the annual World Teen Mental Wellness Day, we explain why.